Webcomic @cat@dog Launched

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know what I have been working on recently. It is a webcomic called @cat@dog and you can find the daily comic over at www.atcatatdog.com. This furry duo has been bouncing around in my head for months now and I finally have the site and strip ready to go. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. :D

Monster LOVES Cotton Candy

I have been taking Will Terry and Jake Parker’s class (highly recommended) and it is really helping me to step outside my comfort zone and create some different characters. I have a tendency to draw kids,  animals (ie bunnies and mice :D), butterflies/flowers..so this little fella was a ton of fun for me and there will surely be more monsters to come! :D  What are some of you favorites to draw?Image


Happy Friday everyone! I am feeling much better and clearer now since my surgery and had a ton of fun this week passing my recovery time with the help of Alison K Hertz Doodle Day May challenge.  I went into serious doodle mode. :D  Here are a few things that popped up along the way, plus a younger years portrait of my parents. I just love them. Now get your doodle on and have a great weekend!