Welcome To My Sketchblog

Welcome to my sketchblog, where you’ll find fun facts and information about the ever-evolving world of children’s illustration, writing and books.  Along with the general mishaps, struggles and victories (fingers-crossed) of my life as an aspiring illustrator, writer, wife and proud mama of two little ones and a couple of crazy kitties.  Oh, plus my daily sketch doodles mixed with a hefty dose of stripes, swirls, dots and a dash of humor.  Thanks for stopping by, feel free to have a cup of tea with me and share your thoughts!

Happy Painting and Writing


8 thoughts on “Welcome To My Sketchblog

  1. Very nice site and I like how you show one picture at a time. How did you come to this type of site? I need to make a web site and am a little lost as to how to go about it. Virginia

    1. Thanks Virginia! I found WordPress really easy to set up and the layout for your posts is going to be based on which theme you choose. You can try out a variety and see which one works best, the setting to change it is on your dashboard under appearance. The layout on my main/home page shows the last three posts vertically and when you click on one than it only shows that post information. I choose it because it had a newspaper quality and I figured that fit well for my semi-daily illustrations. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. Are you taking Marc Mitchell’s class on ‘how to illustrate children’s books’ class and is this why you set up this site?

      2. Yes, I am taking Mark’s class…it’s great, but the site wasn’t created for the class specifically. It’s more for my semi-daily illustrations/blogging and a place for my portfolio when it’s ready. I do plan on posting some of my course progress on here too at some point.

      3. Great to know. I remember Mark said we could send .jpgs to him, and I thought that was how we were to post our class work, but your explanations are making things clearer to me now.
        Thanks again.

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