Feeling the Love-Liebster Award X2

copyright 2012 © charlie eve ryan

After a long week of nothing but runny noses, coughing fits and fevers (the WHOLE house, littles  😦 and parentals)…I was pleasantly surprised and honored to receive the liebster blog award from Beth Stillborn, writer of all things young and adult! Check her out if you get a chance, great blog to read.  I love following other writers and artists…it is what makes being a part of such a wonderful online community so great.  I learn and discover new and exciting things and people everyday.  So here it is, all shiny and new…well minus the smudge marks from previous owners fingerprints and lips, but you see why I am excited! It’s pretty awesome!

And so while I was illustrating my feeling the love/appreciation piece for this post, I received a second Liebster award from Allison Hertz, author/illustrator of colorful and playful characters…definitely worth taking a peak at her site.  Both gals and I are a part of Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 in 2012 Challenge.  This is a wonderful community of writers/illustrators coming together to encourage and inspire each other to complete our quest for writing 12 PB’s in 12 months.  Fun, fun, fun! And so, here is my second award….just as awesome and just as smudgy :D!

After receiving the award, it is tradition to share 5 things about yourself. So here are my 5 x2 things about me!

1.  I cry during Disney movies and commercials…it doesn’t take much!

2.  As a former nurse and mommy, I see puke, blood and a whole slew of disgusting things on a regular basis and never get sick…but if you put something gross and vial in front of me on the TV screen…I will likely lose it.

3. I have the most overly-affectionate cats you will ever meet.

4. I love my AQC peeps (agent query connect), check it out…great place for all writers.

5. Like most writers, I can browse a bookstore/library for hours and yes, most of the time it is in the children’s books section :D.

6. I love hot tea!

7.  I love chocolate ….can I just keep adding foods??

8. I have a tendency to get church giggles, like a lot…again it doesn’t take much.

9. I heart Ryan Gosling!

10. I get to do what I love (drawing/writing/reading/playing) with the people I love most everyday…my littles and my hubby, my life is blessed!

And so like all good award winners, I shall pass on both of my well-cared for  and lip-stick stained awards to the following creative peeps with fresh blogs that are always a good read.

Cynthia J. Iannaccone

Sarah Belliston

Cat Woods

Lisa Thompson

ENJOY and thanks again ladies for the wonderful awards, they are much appreciated and I had a great time with my feeling the love illustration for this post!!


8 thoughts on “Feeling the Love-Liebster Award X2

  1. You are so very welcome, Kerie! And I absolutely LOVE your illustration. That elephant is so adorable (as is the kidlet and teacher combo). Thanks so much for your sweet words about my blog (note — I don’t quite write all things young and adult, I’m scared to tackle YA! lol) I’m going to have a good time checking out the blogs you’ve linked to… they can be a treat AFTER I actually get some writing done today!

    1. Thanks Beth, glad you like it. I have stopped and started a few YA MS and it always feels a little tight and forced. I am much more comfortable in my MG, chapter and picture book shoes. 😀 Happy writing!

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