Easter Holiday with Punxsutawny Phyllis!

Susanna Leonard Hill’s adorable, furry friend, Puxsutawny Phyllis, joined us for the Easter Holiday weekend.  We dyed and stickered lots of eggs and Phyllis is especially good at hunting for them.  My toddler loved hearing all about Phyllis’ April blizzard debacle in her book April Fool, Phyllis!  Susanna’s writing is funny, charming and Phyllis is especially sweet.  I absolutely loved the illustrations by Jeffrey Ebbeler, they are rich and delightful.

Thanks Susanna and Phyllis for including us in your book tour, we had a blast.  Phyllis is now crossing the country and on her way to Colorado. Happy travels, Phyllis!

7 thoughts on “Easter Holiday with Punxsutawny Phyllis!

  1. Why doesn’t it surprise me that Phyllis is good and hunting for Easter Eggs? Your daughter looks so cute there!

  2. Thanks so much for having her Kerie! How lucky she was to spend Easter with you 🙂 I can tell she had a wonderful time! And when it comes to treasure hunts of any kind, Phyllis is your girl 🙂 Thanks again for hosting her! 🙂

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