Susanna Leonard Hill’s HALLOWEENSIE Contest Entry

copyright 2012 charlie eve ryan

Words in challenge: witch, bat, trick-or-treat under 100 words.

The Meaty Brew by Charlie Eve Ryan

With a plump, purple nose and smelly toes.

The witch flew high in the velvety sky.

She scanned the street for a trick-or-treat.

A ghost, a bat, a mummy too, flavors for her meaty brew.

She swung in close to snatch a few,

When the ghost swung ’round and let out a loud


He scared that witch right out of the skies,

And she landed in a bucket of flies.

Count 73 πŸ˜€

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30 thoughts on “Susanna Leonard Hill’s HALLOWEENSIE Contest Entry

  1. I adore your last line, that is hilarious and so original, Charlie! It’s hard to remember to do a twist when you have a word limit under pressure, that is awesome!

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